GITI IN Latin America

Giti tailors products and services to meet and exceed the needs of the local market.

Technology Researched & Developed in Germany | Tested in Races All Around The World

Giti takes great pride in developing cutting-edge products, working among some of the greatest engineering minds in Germany to develop tires that meet and exceed your expectations. We have utmost confidence in our tires and take them to be tested under extreme conditions in some of the toughest circuit and off-road races around the world.

across Latin America

Sold in over 40 dealership

Through a network of trusted dealerships and service centres, Giti looks to avail our products at your convinience, helping you Enjoy Driving in a timely manner.


Trusted by fleet managers both locally and internationally, Giti Tire delivers value and performance through our products and services, helping companies optimise costs and maximise tire lifespan.

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Notable Fleet Partnerships

Original Equipment

Giti is trusted by vehicle manufacturers to create products for their vehicles.

Strategic partners

Trusted for our commitment to quality and delivering products that improve driving experience, Giti works alongside car manufacturers, like Volkswagen and BYD, to create Original Equipment that deliver the desired driving expeirence to drivers all around the world.


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